Initial Project

HERstoryCounts started as a movement in early 2016. This 90 minute show with no intermission featured 7 diverse female-identified womyn performing their own true story in a 10 minute monologue format each. Tennille Read on living a life in Trinidad with grandfather, and living a life in Canada as an actor; Kelly Wilk Ricard on losing her wife while raising their young child; Ordena Stephens-Thompson on being a working actor and mother of two girls; Evangelia Kambites on living with mental health issues as a strong black womyn and being assaulted by a stranger on the street; Janet Romero-Leiva on going through IVF and miscarriages with her female partner; Susan A. Lock on the surmountable pressures we, as womyn take on from parents, professors, and ourselves; Sundance Nagrial as her 8 year old self on surviving extreme physical abuse from her father and being a child-witness to the abuse of her mother while conquering it by creating the Birthday Decorating Club at school. Each story weaves in and out with smooth and subtle transitions between each piece. This first incarnation of HERstoryCounts went up to sold out audiences April 22-24, 2016, at the Red Sand Castle Theatre in the heart of Toronto’s Leslieville.

HERstoryCounts April 2016 Cast

Snapd group
From left to right:
(back row) Kelly Wilk Ricard, Tennille Read, Sundance Nagrial, Evangelia Kambites
(front row) Janet Romero-Leiva, Ordena Stephens-Thompson, Susan A. Lock

HERstoryCounts April 2016 Creative Team


From left to right:
Franny McCabe-Bennett, Jennifer Neales, Jenna Borsato & Melanie Hrymak
*Missing: Melissa Major

Interviews and Reviews



Preview: HERstory Counts (Jennifer Neales)


Selected Social Media Comments:
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“It was beautiful to bear witness to each and every one of these strong, resilient, creative and captivating women- and their personal recreations of experiences they have had. Their stories were so important, so individualistic, and so touching. I hope that Her Story Counts catalyzes into more unheard stories being shared and listened to.”

“Hi, I came out to the show tonight and I’m so glad I was able to see it! I’d rather send a personal congratulations and thank you for the work. It was an incredibly moving and beautiful night of theatre. You performers are very brave to share their stories and I loved how honest the work was. Despite the added element of theatricality, the work was so honest and really represented the individual well. Thank you, for a wonderful night. I can’t wait to see where this goes and what comes next! Cheers”

“Incredible show! Inspiring cast! Thank you for making a difference in the artist world and for making sure that we know that all lives matter!”

Twitter Shout Outs

Lily Hu on Twitter: “@HERstoryCounts Thank you for sharing stories of love, pain, and identity. 💕💕💕 to the beautiful womyn who shared their stories tonight.”

Kira Hall on Twitter: “Moving, deeply personal work onstage tonight at the closing of @HERstoryCounts! Can’t wait to see what this project comes up with next.”

Johnny Salib on Twitter: “Just saw @HERstoryCounts at the Red Sand Castle Theatre and geeze did it take me on a journey. I highly recommend so GO SEE IT! :)”