Here’s what people are saying about HERstory Counts’ latest production, SILENCED!

“Last Thursday I went to see the opening night of HerStory Counts’ brilliant piece of theatre “Silenced” and it was very moving. Great performances by fabulous women. I was thankful that before the performance the creator Jen Neales acknowledged the stolen indigenous land we were on, aligned the company with Black Lives Matter and as anti-Trump. I’m also just so happy that it was put out there, into the world.”
– Melissa Major

A beautifully empowering raw experience that I was so blessed to be a part of. These seven womyn especially my sister Ellie Posadas lead you to a path of such vulnerability and have you walk out feeling so liberated. Amazing!  Thank you for this experience. Jen Neales HERstoryCounts
– Maria Gonzales

This was an extraordinary piece of theatre.
– Philip Hare

This on the heels of beautiful offerings from a cast and creative team of very wealthy, brave, undeniably gorgeous women (womyn? womxn?) who are pioneering an exploration and celebration of their worthiness…
Denise Norman Shannon Murphy Yolanda Bonnell, Ellie, Ruby, Risha, Laura, Evangelia, Jenna, Jen Neales: I am so inspired and lucky and blessed and learning. Thank you!

“Go ahead: do what you want with your life. I will do what I want with mine.” #herstorycounts #silenced #nomore #raiseyourvoice #changedestiny
– Amaka Umeh

A HUGE thank you to the women behind HERstory Counts Presents: Silenced for your generosity and wholeheartedness in sharing your stories with us. Such magic! So proud of you Shannon Murphy!
– Julia Vescio

It was incredible to witness all the amazing heart wrenching stories from this group of wonderful talented strong women including my beautiful sister Yolanda Bonnell. Thank you so very much xoxo #herstory #iwillnotshutup  #herstorycounts
– Nathenia Bonnell

Such important and truthful work. I haven’t seen a play with a female-identified character I identified with in SO LONG. Forgot how amazing and important it is to feel represented on stage. Go see this lovely show!