About Us

Join us for the first production of our 2nd season!

December 14th – 17th at the Red Sandcastle Theatre.
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Meet our cast! 

Who we are, and what we’re about!

From Our Founder, 
Jennifer Neales:

“HERstory Counts is a project I created after over a decade of complaining… Which, strangely, got me nowhere…. About the lack of diversity in our Toronto theatre houses. So many of the womyn in my life felt the same way… There are so many of us… There are so many talented womyn in this city, in this country, in this world. Where are our voices? This was my response to no longer accepting ‘We’re going to be casting diversely’. It’s not just about putting a colour or a race or a size on top of a role, it is about diversity of perspective. That’s what HERstory Counts is. Many diverse perspectives. Each of these monologues are autobiographical in nature which is risky. We know that. I once heard: Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that’s the risk of doing nothing. So, YOU, showing up and bearing witness to this movement is you doing something. Thank you.”


HERstory Counts is a company which is about creating a platform for diverse perspectives in story telling. HERstory Counts is a social justice movement focused on the out loud representation of those who are systematically (and systemically) left out of textbooks, left out of curriculums, left out of legislature… Left out. HERstory Counts is a response to the silencing of female-identified womyn whose stories belong in the world. We are a company featuring true stories, performed by the creators themselves offering a space to challenge and push past the ideals of the status quo. We feature and celebrate female-identified womyn of all backgrounds, all ages, all races, all histories, all sizes, all sexual orientations, and all abilities.